Privacy Statement

Psynergy regards your personal information and abides by the Act on Promotion of Information Network Usage and Information Protection.

The Company will disclose the personal information provided through the Personal Information Protection Policy to the purpose and manner in which the personal information provided by the customer is used and what measures are being taken to protect personal information.

Your privacy policy may be changed at will, subject to changes in government laws and guidelines, or changes in our policies. When revising the Privacy Policy, the Company will notify you through the website announcement (or individual notice).

Article 1 Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information

The Company uses the collected personal information for the following purposes. 

  1. Fulfilment of contracts for providing study and other services, settlement of fees for providing services, purchase and payment of fees 
  2. Member Management: Identification, personal identification, prevention of unauthorized use of unauthorized members, confirmation of membership, age verification, complaint handling, etc. 
  3. Use in Marketing and Advertisement: Statistics on new service (product) development and specialization, advertising information such as events, identification of access frequency, or use of services by members

Article 2 Personal Information Items Collected

The Company reserves the right to use the services provided by the Company, Selective information for better service delivery online, Written forms or other means of communication.

The range of personal information collected is as follows

– Collected items: User’s personal information needed to provide services such as name, date of birth, passport number, gender, login ID, password, home address, mobile phone number, e-mail, occupation, company name, department,

– How to collect personal information: Other communication means such as homepage, written form and telephone

Article 3 Period of Retention and Use of Personal Information

The company holds personal information in accordance with relevant laws and regulations 

The period of use and the personal information you have agreed to while providing your personal information 

Retain and process personal information in accordance with the period of use

If you withdraw your consent to cancel your membership or withdraw your consent to the collection and use of your personal information, we will terminate the personal information accordingly if the purpose of collection and use has been accomplished or the retention period has expired.

If it is necessary to preserve it in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, the Company keeps the membership information for a certain period as stipulated by related laws and regulations.

– Records on contract or withdrawal of subscription / Act on consumer protection in e-commerce / 5 years

– Record of payment settlement and supply of goods / Act on consumer protection in electronic commerce / 5 years

– Electronic financial transaction records / Electronic financial transaction law / 5 years

– Records on complaints or disputes of consumers / Act on consumer protection in electronic commerce / 3 years

– Records on identity verification / Information network promotion and information protection law / 6 months

– Web site visit record / Communication secret protection law / 3 months

Article 4 Procedure and Method of Destroying Personal Information

In principle, after the purpose of collection and use of personal information is accomplished, the Company shall immediately terminate the information accordingly. The procedure and method of destruction are as follows:

– Destruction procedure: The information you entered for membership, etc. is stored for a certain period of time according to the purpose of the information being protected.

– Destruction method: Personal information printed on paper is destroyed using a paper shredder or by incineration. Personal information stored in the form of electronic files is deleted using a technical method that cannot retrieve the record.

Article 5 Sharing and Providing Personal Information

In principle, the Company does not share the user’s personal information to outside parties. Unless, as follows: 

– There is a request by the investigating agency in accordance with the provisions of the Act or the procedure and method prescribed by the Act for the purpose of investigation

– If the user agrees to share personal information in advance

Article 6 Commitment of Personal Information

The company does not consign the information of the user to outside parties without consent. If such need arises in the future, the user will be notified about the entrusted person and the details of their business, and will be asked for prior consent if necessary.

Article 7 Measures to Ensure the Safety of Personal Information

In accordance with the Article 29 of the Personal Information Protection Act, the Company has taken the following technical and administrative safety measures to ensure safety:

– We have established an ‘internal management plan’ for the safe handling of personal information and have implemented it in January 2015.

– Established a ‘Privacy Policy’ within the company and enforced privacy protection on January 2, 2015.

– We conduct our own audits regularly (once a year) to ensure the safety of personal information processing.

– We designate an employee who processes personal information and limit it to the person in charge and implement measures to manage personal information.

Measures to secure technological safety

– The company installs a security program, periodically updates and checks the system, installs the system in an area controlled from outside, and technically and physically monitors and blocks it to prevent leakage and damage of personal information by hacking or computer virus.

Measures to ensure physical safety

– We have set up a separate physical storage place for personal information and set up access control procedures.

– We keep documents with personal information and auxiliary storage media in safe place with lock.

Article 8 Rights of Users and Legal Representatives and How to Act

You and your legal representative may at any time, view or modify your personal information or the personal information of children under the age of 14. In order to modify and correct the personal information of the user or children under the age of 14, contact the person in charge of personal information management in writing, by telephone or e-mail.

If a user requests correction of an error on their personal information, the incorrect information will not be used until the correction has been made. Also, if wrong personal information is already provided to a third party, we will notify the third party accordingly.

Article 9 Matters concerning the installation, operation and refusal of automatic collection of personal information

Companies may use ‘cookies’ to store and retrieve information from users in order to provide personalized and customized services. Cookies do not automatically and / or actively collect personally identifiable information, and you can deny or delete these cookies at any time. The company uses the services of the company’s homepage visited by the users, the type of visit and usage, the security access, the size of the user, etc. to provide users with optimized and customized information including advertisements.

Article 10 Civil Service on Personal Information

In order to protect customer’s personal information and to handle complaints related to personal information, the Company has designated the related department and personal information manager.

– Personal information management department: IT development support team

– Phone: +61 03 9670 6692 / 070 7567 6787

– Email: