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Yes, they are! The average hourly rate for interns is AU$19-$21. This wage may vary depending on the Host Organisation and internship hours.
Of course! Depending on your level of English and your willingness to participate, we will help you organize an internship. If you have a lower English language ability, you will be offered an additional assistance and interviewing techniques. We will provide an unlimited number of interviews for those who genuinely want to be placed. However, if you are non-cooperative, and refuse to participate in the job placement process, you may be disqualified.
A Working Holiday Visa enables you to work for one employer for up to six months. The above program guarantees only ONE internship placement. If you lose your internship due to your negligence, we will not offer further placement. However, in case of cancellation due to a natural disaster within three months of working, or your employer's circumstances change (company default etc.), we will arrange another placement. Regarding working hours, the program a typical Australian full-time employee works 38 hours per week. Placement will typically have a minimum of 20 to 25 hours for most companies.
Before you start the program, you will be able to participate in a short English speaking interview with us to determine your English level. If the English tuition provided as part of the program does not help improve your level to where you are comfortable being placed, you can extend the period of tuition you wish to receive before being placed.
It is, however generally only those with an advanced level of English and prior experience are successful. Even if you are successful, the placement period is usually quite short (4 to 5 weeks) and season dependent.

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